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The Singer Sewing Machines website is dedicated to providing quality information on singer sewing machines, singer sewing machine reviews, singer sewing tutorials, and finding the best prices on singer sewing machines. We also provide helpful videos about singer sewing techniques and helpful hints and tips.

We also provide a brief history about the Singer Sewing Company and how it started to where it is today.

As information about singer sewing machines changes frequently new information is always posted at the top of this blog, so hopefully you will find navigating through this website easy if you are looking for older posts.

We try to have fresh information and to try to stay on topic about singer sewing machines, I will try to cross-reference information and link to other websites with helpful information when available.

I hope you find this website useful and help you make an informative decision about which sewing machine is best for you and your budget.

This website is strictly about Singer Sewing Machines, their products, their resources and other helpful information.

Disclaimer: We do receive commissions on certain products that we link to through our affiliate relationships. This helps us to provide quality content that is useful and helpful to you whether you are new to sewing or have been sewing for years. Please help us by providing quality feedback and reviews so that we can help reach sewers at every level!

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