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Basic Tips For Everyone

  • Always turn the handwheel TOWARDS you (counter clockwise) as turning it in the opposite direction (away from you, clockwise) may knock the timing out requiring repair from a service center.
  • Always be sure your presser foot is in the DOWN position before sewing. Sewing with the presser foot in the up position will cause your thread to tangle and your bobbin to jam.
  • Change needles regularly (after 16 hours of use) as dull/weak needles can cause damage to your machine and fabric. Only use SINGER needles on your SINGER sewing machine.
  • Always be sure you are using the correct bobbin for your machine. Class 66, Class 15 and Class 15J bobbins look very similar. However, using the incorrect bobbin class in your machine can cause damage.
  • Is Your Thread Looping/Bunching Under Your Fabric

    Thread looping under your fabric is usually caused by not threading the upper tension correctly.

    With the presser foot lever in the UP position and tension set at 4, follow the threading guides/graphics on the top of the machine.

    Place the thread spool on the spool pin and secure with a thread spool cap.
    While holding the thread with your right hand, use your left hand to take the thread down into the tension channel around the bottom and up the other side. As the thread comes up the opposite channel, and reaches the top, you will need to slip the thread from back to front into the take up lever. Continue to thread the machine, but do not thread the needle.
    PRO TIP: Before threading the needle, perform this easy test to make sure the upper thread is threaded correctly. Making sure the presser foot is raised, pull the thread. It should pull easily. Now lower the presser foot, the thread should now resist when you pull it. There should be a significant increase in the tension of the thread. If there is no increased tension, the machine is not threaded correctly.

    Watch This Video On How To Correctly Thread Your Singer Sewing Machine

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