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Get A Head Start On Your Holiday Sewing

Easy Christmas CraftsIf you’re planning to create gifts and decorations for the holidays, there’s no time like the present to get started! Fabric stores already have tons of holiday related fabrics and embellishments. By shopping now, you’ll get the best selection and have plenty of time to complete your projects before the crush of holiday activities overwhelms you.

Prioritize Your Sewing Projects

There’s a couple of ways to view your sewing projects. For your own home décor items that don’t get heavy use and are strictly ‘for looks,’ consider using the quickest and easiest methods. You don’t need to use the same care and attention to detail that you would typically use for an heirloom quality gift.

Just like decorating a stage for a play, it’s the general appearance of the scene and not the finer points of the detailing that matters. Save that fussy cut, basted, hand applied, time consuming work for the gifts you make for friends and relatives. These are the projects that should bear up to close scrutiny.

Don’t bother with hand hemming if it’s not noticeable. Use a machine-sewn hem or use iron-on hemming tape. Embellishments can often be hot glued instead of hand applied, and a staple gun may become one of your favorite tools.

Instead of hand embroidery, consider using puffy fabric paint. It comes in tubes with fine tips, so you can add the look of embroidery with a few quick squeezes of the colorful paint.

Heirloom Quality Gifts That Show How Much You Care

When it comes to the gifts you make for your family and friends, it’s time to pull out the stops and let your skill shine. However, you don’t need to produce a king-sized, hand stitched quilt for the son who’s spending his first year at college or an intricate appliqued ensemble for that charming three year old.

Small creations are often far more appreciated and allow your sewing skills to shine. A quilted pillow, an appliqued table runner or a lush evening bag are great gifts the recipients will enjoy for years and think of you whenever they use it.

You’ll be able to finish theses smaller presents more quickly, and your gift list will certainly be completed earlier. So, choose your projects wisely to maximize your productivity. You can get it all done – just do a little prioritizing and you’ll soon be ready to enjoy the holiday season.


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