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Add Decorator Flair To Your Bedroom With An Easy DIY Bed Skirt

Simple DIY Velcro Bed Skirt
Simple DIY Velcro Bed Skirt

It’s easy to add a color and a fresh look to your bedroom with a DIY bed skirt. This is a simple project that’s perfect for a beginner or a quick pick-me-up for an advanced seamstress.

You can use just about any fabric for this project, although a washable fiber makes it easy to freshen up any time. This project is so simple, you may want to make several sets. Now you can change your bed skirt as easily as changing your outfit.

How To Make A Velcro Bed Skirt

1. Measure the width and length of your box spring and also the height from the floor to its top. Cut self-adhesive Velcro for both sides of the box spring and the end of the bed. Adhere the soft side of the Velcro to the top edge of the box spring.

2. Your fabric should be cut in strips that are two inches wider than the height from the floor to the top of the box spring. Sew them together to make strips that are twice the length of the box spring side and end measurements.

3. Sew a one inch hem across both the top and bottom of the fabric strip. Then sew a basting stitch along the top edge and gather it to fit the length of the loop side of the Velcro. Sew a second reinforcing stitch to stabilize the gather.

4. Sew the loop strip of Velcro to the gathered edge of your strip. Now, simply attach the two pieces of Velcro together, and you’ve created a stylish and colorful bed skirt that’s easy to remove.

To this simple design, you can always add embellishments. Add a row of rickrack to the bottom for a child’s bedroom or perhaps an edging of lace and ribbon for a totally girly look. You could also add an additional strip of fabric to the bottom edge of the bed skirt to give it a banded color effect.

Use decorator trims like fringe, cording, tassels or braiding for a sophisticated look. Many of these trims can either be sewn in place by machine or basted on by hand. You may even use glue to adhere them to your bed skirt.

Complement or contrast your bedroom color scheme. Use colors and textures that work with your curtains, carpeting and bedspread for a tied-together look you can make in just an afternoon.


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