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How To Sew Hexagons and Triangles Together

Simple Shapes Table Toppers - Electronic DownloadSewing can be a great pastime, especially when you are working on a big project. Being able to sew shapes together, specifically hexagons and triangles, may be required among many of the sewing projects you may encounter. There are multiple ways to sew hexagons and triangles together as well as ideas to use these sewn-together shapes.

Let us start with the hexagons. Chances are that the piece of fabric or cloth in which you have gotten may have loose edges. This means that pieces of string from that cut cloth are easy to peel off. To prevent your cloth from peeling away, you must secure it. Here are a couple of ways to secure the cloth: the inside-out method and the roll-em'-up method.

The first thing to do for the inside-out method is to line up the hexagonal pieces against each other wrong side out, if applicable. Second, stitch the two pieces together along five out of six of the edges. The sixth edge is to be left open to pull the item inside-out, which is the next step. Once you have done that, you have the option of opening or closing the hole. There are many design ideas you can use for it, like a little pouch to hold your scissors or string.

The roll-em'-up method is a more advanced sewing method. First take one side of a hexagonal piece and, as thin as you can, roll up that side until the entire edge is completely covered. Crease the edge and hold the flattened row with a pin. Follow the first step with the other edges. Finally, stitch all along the edges. Optional though recommended, you can make another one and stitch them together with both wrong sides in.

As for the triangles, you can pretty much do the same thing. It may feel different, though. New ideas can also stem from this specific shape, such as turning it into a little magnet.

Learning how to sew hexagons and triangles together can be tricky. Prepare a couple of triangles and hexagons. Take the two hexagons and put them together. Line up one of their edges really well and stitch one of their sides together. Try stitching as close to the edges as possible. Next, take one of the triangles and, right below the stitched edges of the two hexagons, fit and stitch the triangle. Do the same with the other triangle.

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