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How To Create a Basic Sewing Kit

Singer Sewing Machines Pin Cushion Combo
Singer Sewing Machines Pin Cushion Combo
One of the most important things that you can do when learning how to sew is creating a sewing kit that contains the essentials for making clothing or crafts. Instead of running around a home to dig in desk drawers and closets to find the items needed for a project, you must have a sewing kit that is simple to transport and store. First, you need to have a container for the sewing supplies, and manufacturers make handled cases with wheels, freestanding cases of wood and small cases that are similar to toolboxes. If you want to be creative with a sewing container, then you can choose to use a vintage hatbox or a retro-style suitcase.

Items to Keep in a Sewing Kit

Singer Sewing Machines Beginner Sewing Kit
Singer Sewing Machines Beginner Sewing Kit
You might already have many of the items needed to build a sewing kit, but placing the equipment in one container makes it easy to know what you have to avoid duplicate purchases along with protecting the items from damage. In addition to having a large case to hold everything, you will need smaller containers to hold tiny sewing needles, bobbins or buttons. Here is what you need to assemble a sewing kit:

• Spools of thread – an assortment of colors, fibers and strengths
• Scissors – basic, pinking and embroidery
• Needles – hand-sewing and machine needles in various sizes
• Needle threader – helpful for threading needles with tiny eyes
• Measuring tape – required for measuring fabric and thread
• Beeswax – helps to prevent tangled and knotted threads
• Chalk – chalk pencils or wheels to mark trims and fabrics
• Stick pins – to hold paper patterns on fabric
• Seam ripper – a plastic device with a small blade to rip out stitches
• Ruler – needed for measuring hems and seams
• Rotary fabric cutter – used to cut fabric quickly
• Pincushion – holds pins and needles safely
• Cutting mats – to cover a table while cutting fabrics
• Bobbins – holds the bottom thread for making stitches
• Fabric scraps – used to test a sewing machine’s stitching
• Small magnet – useful for picking up needles and stick pins
• Thimble – protects middle finger from punctures while hand-sewing
• Tracing wheel – to make marks around patterns
• Carbon paper – designed to mark fabrics with the tracing wheel

These are the basic items needed for your sewing kit, but you should also keep your sewing machine’s instruction manual nearby along with accessories such as extra presser feet, replacement lightbulbs and buttonhole templates.


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