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Which sewing machine should I buy?

Sewing Using Singer Sewing Machines

Sewing Using Singer Sewing Machines
Singer SE340 Legacy Sewing and Embroidery Machine Extension
The answer to this depends on what kind of sewing will you want to do: Basic mending and simple projects, complex garment construction, quilting or elaborate embroidery? If you are a new sewer, it is probably a good idea to start with a fairly simple machine. It will be easier to learn and if you decide that sewing is not for you, you have not spent too much money. On the other hand, if you develop a real interest in sewing, you will probably want to trade up after a few years and can look for a more advanced machine that will match your interests.

Why should I buy a Singer?

The Singer company has been making sewing machines since 1851. Isaac Merritt Singer developed many of the sewing innovations used in machines to this day. Singer offers a complete line of sewing machines, sergers and accessories that are available wherever sewing products are sold. Also, Singer has an extensive online presence so that help is available day or night for answers to questions or solutions to problems.

What can I do with my Singer?

Sewing Using Singer Sewing Machines
Singer EM200 Superb Embroidery Machine
Any sewing task using fabric of any type can be completed on a Singer. Not every machine will do every task. A heavy duty machine may be needed for sewing many layers of denim, canvas or other heavy materials and elaborate custom embroidery can only be done with higher-end machines made for this purpose. But every Singer will sew cottons, linens, silks, knits of all kinds and the types of fabrics used in craft projects such as felt or burlap.

Will I be able to find parts?

Since the company has been in business for so many years, Singer needles, bobbins, presser feet and other accessories are carried at any fabric or sewing store. Replacement parts such as bobbin cases, foot pedals and power cords are also readily available in stores or online.

I’ve decided to buy a Singer sewing machine. Now what?

Do your research and look, either online or in a store, at the machines in your price range. Read the list of features and be sure the machine you choose will do what you want. Ask questions of store personnel and of friends who sew. You are certain to find a Singer sewing machine that will match your interests at a price you can afford.


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