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Singer 90S Special Edition Sewing Machine

Singer 90S Special Edition Sewing Machine
Singer 90S Special Edition Sewing Machine

If you learned to sew on the classic black Singer sewing machine, or remember your mom or grandma using one, then this stylish, retro shaped machine will put you in mind of that rugged little workhorse.

This modern incarnation’s metallic silver finish gives the machine a contemporary flair and with all its features, you’ll have everything you need for fast and efficient sewing.

Features of the Singer 90S Special Edition Sewing Machine

The 231 computerized stitches are great for decorating garments and accessories, and with stitches designed specifically for stretch fabrics, buttonholes and alphanumeric block letters, this selection of stitches is more than enough to satisfy almost every seamstress. It also includes an automatic twin needle function for even more decorative stitch options.

The LCD screen provides information on each stitch, including an image, the length and width. The settings are auto-set, but they can be overridden and personalized for your specific needs. You’re not locked in to someone’s idea of the perfect stitch setting.

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The arm of the Singer 90s measures 14.7”, so it’s great for big projects and quilting. This feature, along with its free arm for collars and cuffs, makes the machine very versatile for all your large and small projects. There are machines with larger throats for really large and bulky quilting or sewing, but for many projects, this space gives ample room for manipulating your material.
Features like the triple LED lighting, the drop-in bobbin, programmable needle up or down function and the Swiftsmart threading system with automatic threader makes this machine easy to use.

The start/stop button with integrated speed control makes it easy to use your machine with or without a foot pedal, and the ability to limit the speed allows for safe stitching with thick, bulky layers of fabrics. The presser foot has extra high clearance to accommodate those heavy layers, and the rigid, metal frame ensures a durable and properly aligned machine for years of use.

For occasions when you need speed, the Singer 90s can stitch at speeds of up to 750 stitches per minute, so you’ll get your project completed in record time.

The Singer 90s comes with all the standard accessories you’ll need to start sewing right out of the box. Your new Singer includes the following:

Sewing Feet for Satin Stitch, Blind Hemming, Zipper installation, a Buttonhole foot with an Underplate and an All-Purpose Foot. Also included in the soft sided cover are Bobbins, Needles, Thread Spool Caps, Spool Pin Felt, Auxiliary Spool Pin, Lint Brush/Seam Ripper and Needle Plate Screwdriver.

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