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Smart Beginner Sewing Tips

Singer Pixie Plus Sewing Machine
Singer Pixie Plus Sewing Machine
Sewing is once again becoming a popular trend in the crafting world. There is a certain pride that goes along with making something with your own hands. If you are a beginner to the world of sewing, there are a few tips that may help your projects turn out better and save you time and frustration in the long run.

Other tools

Besides your sewing machine, there are some other tools that you may want to consider. A rotary cutter will allow you to cut material with a straight edge every time. It can also save you time if you are cutting multi pieces that are the safe size. Save your dining room table and use a self- healing mat. As for a ruler, a large clear ruler not only makes measuring easier, it also helps to provide a straight edge for cutting.


Even though it may be tempting to purchase inexpensive thread, it most likely will not be the best thread to use for your project. The only thing that cheap thread is going to do for you is frustrate you. Cheap thread tends to fray and break easily. You will also find that it will cause your sewing machine to skip stitches and it will bunch up under your project. Use a thread weight that is specific for your project is important as well.


Most people know what straight pins are and how to use them. However, do not be fooled by those cute decorative pins. Stick with the basic color ball topped pins. They will work the best at keeping the material from moving while sewing. If you find that you have problems with either using straight pins or you feel that they do not keep all the layers of your project together, use tiny binder clips. They are easier to use on heavier materials than trying to use regular straight pins.


Singer Special Edition Sewing Machine Built In Block Alphabet
Singer Special Edition Sewing Machine Built In Block Alphabet
Patterns will often tell you to sew seams or certain pieces. It is important to not skip this step. Your project will look more finished and professional if you iron everything according to the pattern. Also materials should always be washed and ironed before use.


A beginner mistake when it comes to sewing is speed. Do not push the pedal to the metal. Find a moderate speed that keeps you sewing straight and steady.


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